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Knowledgeable Guidance Through Child And Spousal Support

The outcome of child and spousal support agreements in a divorce can have a considerable influence on your livelihood after a divorce. Even if you are looking to settle your divorce through mediation, you still need to be sure that you have a lawyer at your side to help you defend your best interests.

At Brian Murry, Attorney At Law, PLLC, I am proud to help civilians, veterans and active members of the military, and their families through the challenges of family law. I offer clients throughout Washington the straightforward and dedicated representation they need from my office in Tacoma.

Working With State Law

Like most other states, Washington has its own laws about how spousal and child support agreements are formed. The factors in spousal support will influence how much one spouse will receive for themselves or to raise their children and include factors like:

  • The total income of both parties
  • If there are children from other relationships involved
  • The earning potential of each spouse
  • Military benefits, including BAH (basic allowance for housing) and BAS (basic allowance for substance)
  • Disability benefits
  • The needs of the requestor vs. the requested’s ability to pay

If a spouse is not paying the support a divorce decree calls for them to do, federal law can grant an interception of a tax return to pay any delinquent support. Wage garnishments and seizing property are also possible options.

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