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Customized Family Law Representation

Whether you are preparing to file for divorce, are establishing a parenting plan or facing another family law matter, you know how personal these issues are. Trying to resolve these matters without a lawyer can cost a person more time and energy than they expected. The lawyer you work with should be providing you and your family with the personalized advice you deserve to help you work through these matters.

I am attorney Brian Murry and at my firm, Brian Murry, Attorney At Law, PLLC, I have provided comprehensive family law counsel since 2010 in Pierce and Thurston counties. As a solo practitioner, I am able to work closely with my clients throughout every phase of the legal process. This allows me to better understand your situation so that I can develop a plan tailored to address your needs.

How I Help My Clients

There are many different family law challenges that I help my clients with. I am prepared to assist you with the following matters:

My approach in family law matters is to help my clients earn the outcome that best suits their unique needs. I know what is at stake in these kinds of cases, and I work to see that you secure results that you can count on.

Advocating For You During Property Division

Washington is a community property state. This means that the court will have the final say when dividing all marital assets and debts, even if a couple is able to reach their own agreement. Generally, though, the court only alters an agreement if it is manifestly imbalanced. Failing to engage with an attorney early in the process can put you at a disadvantage during the asset division process. I work quickly to thoroughly review every aspect of your case and work to secure a fair settlement that protects your long-term financial needs.

Premier Representation And A Client-Oriented Approach

My track record of successful results has earned me the trust and respect of my clients throughout the Tacoma and Olympia metro areas. At my office, you can trust that you will get the direct attention you and your family need with my client-centered and goal-oriented approach.

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