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Answering Your Child Custody Questions

Whether you are trying to finalize your divorce, modify an agreement or enforce one, you may have some questions. At Brian Murry, Attorney At Law, PLLC, I know how difficult it can be to get the answers you are looking for, which is why I want to help you answer some of your earlier questions.

By getting the education you need about these issues, you can get control over your unique situation and make informed decisions for your family. If you have more questions about child custody or family law after reading these answers, contact my Tacoma office by calling 253-330-8985 or by emailing me here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody In Washington State

What is a parenting plan?

These are court orders that both parents and children need to follow regarding the details of how and where the children live. Older children can offer opinions to influence the order, but cannot act outside of it until they are 18.

My ex is asking for full custody or for me to have supervised visitation. Why are they asking for that?

When an ex-spouse feels that it may be unsafe for your children to be with you alone, due to drug use or other problems, they may try to pursue supervised visitations. A parent may also try to earn primary custody if they are more available for their children or feel they are the best parent for the role.

My ex is not exercising their visitation time. Are they violating the orders from the divorce decree?

If a parent chooses not to exercise their visitation time, that is not necessarily a violation of the divorce decree’s orders regarding visitation. Consult your attorney for information on potential options in this situation.

I need to modify the parenting plan but I’m afraid my ex won’t agree. What options do I have?

Mediation can help your spouse see your side of things or find an acceptable middle ground for a modification. Taking your case to court is another option, but only if there has been a change of circumstances relating to the other parent or the child(ren), and the proposed change is in the best interest of the child(ren).

How do I get my ex to comply with the divorce orders?

Filing a motion for contempt via a court order will hold your ex in contempt for violating the agreement. Making your ex aware of this option may be enough to keep them in line with the agreement.